March 29, 2018


Star Office  2 MARK QUESTIONS:

1) What is meant by text editing?
 2) How would you switch over from Insert mode to Type – over mode?
 3) What is word processing?
4) How can we work with Multiple Document?
5) Give keyboard shortcut to move, copy the text
6) What is the use of highlighting the text? 7) What are the various types of paragraph alignments that can be made?
 8) What does indenting the text mean?
 9) What purpose does Backspace and Delete Key serve in correcting mistakes? 10) How will we Increase an indent, Decrease an Indent using tool bar?
11) What is a style? Mention the advantages of working with styles.
 12) Give the steps involved for chance the line spacing?
13) How would you create the bullets and numbered list?
 14) What is meant by Auto spell check? 15) What is meant by auto correct option? 16) What is use of page preview?
 17) What is meant by Hanging indent?
18) How will you create a table in the document?
19) How to make the selected rows and columns of the same size?
20) How will you delete a required number of rows and columns in a table?
 21) What is meant by Margin?
22) What are the two types of page orientations
23) What is meant by header and footer? 24) What is meant by electronic spreadsheet ?
 25) Differentiate the terms “Spreadsheet” and “Worksheet” ?
26) Define “Visicalc”
27) Define Cell Pointer & Active Cell
28) Can we change the data present in a cell? If so, how?
29) What is Range?
30) Name some popular spreadsheet software.
31) Differentiate Relative and Absolute cell addressing.
32) What are Functions? Give an example? 33) What is Date arithmetic?
 34) Define 3-D formula.
35) What is a Database? 
36) What are the steps involved in data processing?
37) Define File, Record, and Field.
38) What is a Database Management system?
39) What is a primary key?
40) What is sorting? What are the steps involved in sorting process?
41) What is meant by multiple sorting?
 42) What is meant by SQL? 43) Write Out the three general categories of DBMS
 44) What are forms?
45) What is report?
46) What is multimedia?
 47) What is MMS?
48) Write a note on inline sound and video?
49) Define compression
50) Compare lossless and lossy video compressions?
51) Expand 1. MIDI2. AIFF 3.MPEG4. AVI.
52) Compare AVI and MIDI.
53) Write a note on multimedia Hardware and Software.
54) What is morphing and warping?
55) Differentiate GIF and JPEG.
56) What is the use of morphing and warping?
57) What is the use of master page in presentation?
 58) How will you insert pictures in presentation?
59) How to change the slide background? 60) What is ‘Rehearse Timings’? Explain in detail
61) Explain about ‘custom slide show’ in detail.
62) How will we if slide sorter view?
63) What is the use of slide sorter view? 64) How will we include a picture, movie and OLE object in a presentation?
65) How will we start a slide show? 66) How will we insert a slide? How will we rename a slide?
67) Name the different icons in Media Playback toolbar?


1) Define Encapsulation?
2) What is Polymorphism ?
3) Define Object?
4) Define Class?
5) What is Inheritance?
6) What is Data hiding or Data  Abstraction 
7) What do you mean by the Tokens ? 
8) What are Keyword in c++? List a few Keyword in c++?.
9) What is meant by the Identifiers? Give an example What is String Literal? Give example. 10) What is an Operator and Operand? Give suitable example.
11) What are Logical Operators? Give exampl 12) What are Conditional Operators? Give it’s Syntax. 
13) What are three categories of Data Types? 14) What is Storage Class and how many storage specifiers are there?
15) Write short notes on auto storage class with example.
16) What is static storage class? Give exampl 17) What is the use of Void Data type?
18) What is a Pointer Variable?
19) What is the use of Compiler?
 20) What is type cast? 
21) What are the three kinds of section in C++? 
22) What are Control statements or control structure?
23) What are loops? What are the three kinds of loop in C++?
24) Write the different between while, do…while loops.
25) What is use of continue statement? What is use of break statement?
26) What the different are between continue statement and break statement?
27) What is nested loop and what are the rules for the formatting of nested loop?
28) What is meant by the compiler?
29) What is the different between if…else and switch statement?
30) What are functions? 
31) What are the advantages of function? 
32) What is call by value method in functions? 33) What is an inline function?
34) What is variable scope? List out types
35) What is call by reference method in functions?
36) What is an array? Write its different types. 37) Write about getline, gets.

38) What is the use of write input stream?
39) Give the syntax and purpose of the functions strlen(),strcpy(),strcmp()?
40) How will you declare Two dimensional array? Give an example.
41) What is matrix ?
42) What is a class? What are the use of class? Give example.
43) Write the characteristics of member functions.
44) What are the three access specifiers of class members?
45) What is the use of a dot operator? What is difference between Data Member and Member Function?
46) Define Function Overloading? Give example.
47) What are the rules for function overloading?
48) What is operator overloading?
49) Write down the steps involved in the process of operator overloading?
50) What is a Constructor?
51) What are the types of constructor?
52) What is a Destructor?
53) When does a copy constructor get executed?.
54) What is inheritance?
55) What are the advantages of inheritance? 56) What is a base class and derived class?
57) What is meant by accessibility?
58) What are abstract classes?
59) What is ATM? 60) What is e-Banking? 61) What is e-Shopping?
62) What is e-Learning?
63) What is Tele-Medicine?
64) List out some keys IT enabled services. 65) What is e-Governance?
66) What is call centre?
67) What is medical transcription?
68) What is data management?
69) What is data digitization?
70) What are ethics?
71) What is a computer crime?
72) List out some of the common computer crimes.
73) What is piracy? Why do we generally tend to pirate?
74) What is a computer Virus?
75) What is called theft of “Computer time”? 76) What is cracking? What are the reasons for committing this crime?


Star Office

1) Explain about moving around the document in star office writer?
2) How will you find and replace a given word in star office writer?
3) What are the formatting changes that can be made with respect to the fonts?
4) How would you create the bullets and numbered list?
5) How would you carry out the spell check after the entire document is typed? 6) How would you add a word in the Auto Correct list of the star office writer?
7) What are the Various function of the icons in the table formatting tool bar?
8) Explain the process of changing the margins using rulers
 9) How will you make use of page style dialog box to change margin?
10) List out the Applications of Spreadsheet.
11) Explain the type of operators of star office calc with an example.
12) How can you generate a series of values? Explain with an example. 
13) What are Functions? Explain with  an example.
14) Explain the procedure for Inserting a Picture or a Special character in a        worksheet.
15) What are the various icons in the Insert Object floating tool bar? Mention their        Functions.
16) How will you Insert Rows, Columns and cells in a worksheet? Give example
17) What are the various manipulations of a database in star office base?
18) Explain different Database types.
19) What is a filter? What are the 
20) Types of filters available in star base? Give its function
 21) What are the steps involved in designing a form in star base?
22) What are the steps involved in generating a report?
23) How will you insert a calc cell range into text document?


1) What is switch statement explain with example?
 2) What are loops? Explain its type?
3) Explain Nested If Statement with example? 4) Explain Entry-check loops? with example? 5) Explain do-while loops? with example?
6) Explain Inline function with example
 7) Explain the call by value method in function with suitable example.
 8) Explain the call by reference method in function with suitable example.
 9) Write about the different scopes of a variable in C++.
10) List out the rules for overloading operators 11) Explain the function overloading with their rules
12) Explain the advantages of inheritance?
13) Explain the different types of inheritance.